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We guarantee you savings on your next car purchase! We know the car buying experience inside and out. Easy Wheels negotiates the best price and terms for maximum savings.



Easy wheels delivers! We’ll make your car buying experience the most convenient one you will ever have. No headache. No hassle.

Easy Wheels

what I do for you

Easy Wheels will source dealerships throughout Southern Utah to find the right car or truck for you, from a broad selection of trusted brands.

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Free Consultation

I’ll help you discover the best vehicle to fit your needs.

Test Drive & Inspection

Inspect & Test Drive

I will inspect and test drive vehicles, bringing you only the best to drive.

price & terms

Negotiate Price & Terms

I will negotiate all pricing, terms, & fees for maximum discounts and your lowest total cost.


Guaranteed Savings

I guarantee you significant savings. Much more than the price of our service.

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Contract Review

I will review the final contract in detail for accuracy and your protection.

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Vehicle Delivery

I will deliver your new vehicle right to your home. You just enjoy showing it to your neighbors.


Happy Customers


Thank you Michael and Easy Wheels for making our car buying experience perfect and so easy! Michael not only found us exactly the truck we were looking for, but then negotiated terms, price and a trade-in, all of which far exceeded our expectations - he will absolutely save you money. We could never have negotiated such a great deal ourselves. He made the whole experience so easy and actually fun! We will never buy another vehicle without using Michael and Easy Wheels

Creed and Shelene Haymond – Sandy, Utah

Why use Easy Wheels?

Do you enjoy the car buying experience?

If you don’t enjoy the traditional car buying experience and it makes you nervous or irritated going through it, Easy Wheels is right for you.

Are you too busy?

If you are a busy professional, mom, business owner, or just plain busy, Easy Wheels is right for you.

Not sure how to Negotiate?

If you are not sure your negotiation skills are on par with that of the car salesman or unsure you are getting the best price possible, Easy Wheels is right for you.

Find the paperwork confusing or overwhelming?

If you are not sure what all the paperwork means and would like someone to protect your interests, Easy Wheels is right for you!

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