What is Easy Wheels ?



We help people in Southern Utah save time and money buying a new or used car or truck – and make it easy !

Easy Wheels is a personal service concept developed by Michael Vaterlaus after many years of following the automotive industry. Having also worked inside a major brand auto dealership for some time, he recognized that many people are not sure how best to navigate the car buying process, causing them to feel nervous, pressured, and unsure if they are really getting a good deal – or even the right car for them.

Easy Wheels

The Solution

Michael has always liked cars of all kinds, and actually enjoys the process of searching for the right one, test driving and inspection, negotiating the pricing and terms for maximum savings, and reviewing the contracts in detail for accuracy. He’s personally bought and leased dozens of cars and trucks, and helped many others successfully purchase or lease vehicles at the best price. Having had a 25+ year business career where he’s negotiated contracts and purchases of millions of dollars of vehicle products, he now really enjoys using that knowledge and experience to help people get a great deal on their next vehicle, and making it simple and fun again !


Easy Wheels is the result of my desire to:

Play with cars, Help people save money and Make it fun for them again !