Are you a Broker?

No, we receive no compensation from dealerships. A traditional broker is paid by the dealership and receives a commission. Easy Wheels never receives commissions from dealers and offers a flat fee that you pay separately from the car deal. We have only your best interest in mind, and work for your advantage, not the dealerships.

I can negotiate my own deal. Why do I need you?

If you are an expert in negotiation and the automobile industry, you probably don’t. You want a professional appraisal before you purchase a home, right? Cars are the second-largest purchase most people will make. The traditional car sales process is time-consuming and confusing. It’s to the dealership’s advantage to keep it that way so they make more profit on your purchase. At Easy Wheels, we know how to cut through it all to get to the best deal.

How do I know if you’re going to save me money?

We will provide you with all the facts, and specify your savings before you commit to the deal. All pricing, financing terms, taxes, or fees will be disclosed for your approval. We’ll show in writing that your savings well exceeds the cost of our service.

How does this save me time?

We meet with you initially to help you determine exactly what you want. You won’t need to visit multiple dealerships, talk with multiple salesmen, and sit at sellers’ desks crunching numbers and arguing over prices. We handle all of that for you – including paperwork and delivering the car.

Do you charge an upfront fee?
Our compensation for services is not collected until we deliver your new car. A modest retainer of $100 is all it takes upfront to have us get to work finding just what you want. We don’t receive any compensation from dealers. We do invest a lot of time advocating on your behalf. Our business is successful because we do what we say we will do for you.
Can you negotiate a lease?
Yes. We encourage all clients to evaluate whether leasing or buying is the best financial and lifestyle choice. We’ll help you do that.
If I qualify for a supplier discount or another pre-negotiated deal such as AAA, Costco or Credit Union, should I still consider using Easy Wheels?
Although those discounts are almost always ‘fair’ deals, they are seldom ‘great’ deals. The price of a vehicle is only one part of the car deal. There is a lot of money made on financing, extended warranties, dealer options and other fees. Dealerships often say there is no negotiating these items. We negotiate ALL parts of the deal for your benefit.
Why should I use Easy Wheels Auto Buying Service?
You should if:

■ You don’t enjoy the traditional car-buying experience. It makes you nervous or irritated just thinking about it.
■ You are a busy professional, business owner, or just plain busy. You have enough to do.
■ You aren’t sure if your negotiation skills are on par with that of a professional car salesman.
■ You’d like to make sure you understand all of the factors of your car deal and feel confident in your purchase.
■ You want to save time, headaches, and money. We make it fun again